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WHY GET A PROFESSIONAL TOW TRUCK DRIVER TO CHANGE YOUR TIRE? We are doing it faster and correctly, and for sure in a faster time than you ever will. Firstly, we make sure that there isn’t any other damage done to the vehicle. Yes, this can sometimes happen. Looking at the spare, making sure that it’s a quality tire that can be used. Lifting the car with the right, high-quality jack that we always have in our vehicles. Taking the faulty tire off and replacing it with the spare, or new tire that we bought with us. When we fasten the tire, we ensure that the tire is fastened correctly, so that it won’t come loose while you are driving. One of the biggest mistakes that beginners in changing tires are making. And, you are on your way again. Without any oil spills on your hands or clothes. HOW TOWING OAKVILLE CAN HELP DRIVERS WITH FLAT TIRES Can you really call our roadside assistance to just changing a tire? For Sure! We insist. We will have all the right tools with us, ensuring that the car is jacked up safely. If your spare tire is flat or non-existent, we will bring the right size tire with us. Saving time in waiting for a tire, or without the need to tow you back so that you can buy a new tire. One thing you can be sure of is that we are approved by many insurances and roadside assistance companies in Ontario for not only roadside assistance but for assisting with changing a tire as well.