Roadside Assistance

​​Roadside assistance in Oakville

If you think that you have a reliable car and that roadside assistance isn’t necessary, you are in for a surprise. Everyone needs assistance on the road at some point. No matter if you have a brand-new vehicle or a very old one. But, what is roadside assistance anyway?
This is when you are getting assistance from professionals when your vehicle breaks down when you are on the road. This can be anything from having an accident, a mechanical fault, or even just when you ran out of gas. The professionals come to your aid for towing or repairing your vehicle on-seen so that you can be on the road again, in no time.

Available Roadside Towing Services

Battery Boost

When you car wont start we can usually get it going with a jump start. Promt service, affordable prices. 

Car Unlocking

Getting your car unlocked for a fair price and we promise to not keep you waiting long.

Tire Change

Wait in the safety and warmth of your vehicle and let our tow truck drivers change your spare tire. 


Run out of fuel in Oakville? Call for fuel delivery and we can provide enough gas for 100 kilometers.

Why you should have roadside assistance

You can always have the roadside assistance plans where you pay a monthly premium for the day that you might have a breakdown. Or, you can make use of our services that will assist you right away, and you don’t need to pay monthly assistance plans. Having us as your contact, you will know that within 30 minutes of your call, we are there to assist. Even if it’s just to fill up your tank with gas so that you can make your destination. You are only paying for the service that you use. No more paying a monthly fee for something that you even might not use for years.

Safety. Getting stranded alongside the road isn’t safe anymore. Especially if you are a woman. With roadside assistance, you will not be alone for long and will get assistance from reliable and trustworthy professionals. You don’t need to trust the first person who drives by.
We never check our spare tire. The day that you have a flat, you realize that you don’t have a spare tire or it’s flat as well. With assistance, you will be able to get back on the road in no time.
How to get roadside assistance fast?

There are two ways on how you can get roadside assistance fast. You can pay a monthly fee for roadside assistance services where you can just call your insurance when you are stranded alongside the road. But, you are paying a monthly fee for something that you might use one day. People like these services where you pay monthly to get assistance when you are on the road. But, if you do your calculations, you will see that it cost you a huge amount of money for just one call that you might make one day.



Frequently asked questions about roadside assistance in Oakville

How long do we need to wait until you arrive for assistance?

We are right at your side within 30 minutes. The moment that you call for assistance, we are getting in our vehicles and drive to you. You will not wait long. And, we have all the tools we need to repair your vehicle in no time. 

If my car breaks down in the middle of the night, will you still be able to assist?

We are a 24/7 service. So, yes, we are there to assist, no matter the time of day you need assistance. Even in the middle of the night. From Sunday to Saturday, and around the clock. You just call us.

What is the difference between your service and roadside assistance subscriptions?

With our service, we are coming to your aid when you call. And, you are only paying us, affordable fees for the call-out. With the subscription for roadside assistance, you are paying a monthly fee and call them when you are stranded beside the road. Paying every month for something you even might not use. 

What will happen when my car has a flat tire and I don’t have a spare tire at hand?

If you have a flat tire without a spare, this isn’t a problem. Just let us know that you don’t have a spare tire and we will bring one with us. Ensuring that you are getting your tired changed and back on the road immediately. 

Why is roadside assistance important?

When you have a broken vehicle beside the road, you will be at risk. Risk to be robbed and to get seriously injured. The moment that you call for roadside assistance from us, we are already driving to your destination. Making sure that you are getting assistance from professional people that aren’t dangerous. And, you will not have to deal with dangerous people. 

Get Roadside Assistance Fast!

Then there is the assistance that we provide. You call, and we are there within minutes. You just pay for the call, and not a monthly fee gets any assistance. It is cheaper and we are a lot more reliable and come to your aid faster. The best part is that we are just a phone call away. 24 hours, 7 days a week. You will know that the people coming to you is experienced and qualified. Getting you back on the road fast, without delay.  The reason why you need to use us is the amount of roadside assistance service we are offering. It doesn’t really matter the reason why you are stranded on the road; we will be able to assist.  

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