Tire Change
​​Tire change roadside assistance in Oakville
Get a fast and friendly tire change from a local tow truck driver. Wait in the warmth and safety of your vehicle while we jack your vehicle, remove the old tire, replace it with your spare tire so you can drive to your mechanic or home. Roadside tire changing services are done by trained professionals who have changed hundreds of tires on cars, SUVs and trucks.
Need A Tire Changed? Tow Truck Drivers Ready And Waiting To Help
One Phone Call Will Save You A Ton Of Effort Get A Towing Service To Change Your Tire Now!
Do you even know if you have a spare tire? Our experienced drivers take care of removing your damaged tire, and replacing it with you car’s spare tire. Safely installed to the specifications on the size of the wheel and vehicle, you’ll confidently drive on a safely installed tire.
    • Continue your journey without delay, and you won't have the hassle of finding a way to tow or transport the tire.
    • Visit the auto shops of your choosing for a replacement or repair
    • Save money by not requiring a tow to a garage
    • When you are in a hurry choose a towing company with priority service and tow trucks in Oakville!
Why Get a Professional Tow Truck Driver To Change Your Tire?
We are doing it faster and correctly, and for sure in a faster time than you ever will. Firstly, we make sure that there isn’t any other damage done to the vehicle. Yes, this can sometimes happen.
Looking at the spare, making sure that it’s a quality tire that can be used. Lifting the car with the right, high-quality jack that we always have in our vehicles. Taking the faulty tire off and replacing it with the spare, or new tire that we bought with us.
When we fasten the tire, we ensure that the tire is fastened correctly, so that it won’t come loose while you are driving. One of the biggest mistakes that beginners in changing tires are making. And, you are on your way again. Without any oil spills on your hands or clothes.
How Towing Oakville Can Help Drivers With Flat Tires
Can you really call our roadside assistance to just changing a tire? For Sure! We insist. We will have all the right tools with us, ensuring that the car is jacked up safely. If your spare tire is flat or non-existent, we will bring the right size tire with us. Saving time in waiting for a tire, or without the need to tow you back so that you can buy a new tire.
One thing you can be sure of is that we are approved by many insurances and roadside assistance companies in Ontario for not only roadside assistance but for assisting with changing a tire as well.
Frequently asked questions about tire change in Oakville
We hope these Frequently asked questions will answer some of the questions that you might have about changing tires by us, towing Oakville.
I don’t have the right tools for changing my tire. Will you still be able to assist me?
Yes, we will assist you, even if you don’t have the tools for changing your tire. We have everything we need to do this service for you. In no time. Our tools are high in quality and our personnel has the experience to change any tire as fast as possible.
Will my insurance cover your service when assisting me in changing and replacing my tire?
In most cases yes. It depends on the type of insurance you have. However, we are approved by most insurance and roadside services in Ontario. You just need to make sure that you have the right cover option. But even if you don’t, we don’t show anyone away that needs roadside assistance and a flat tire that needs to be changed.
How much will it cost for you to come and assist me when I need a tire replaced with roadside assistance?
There are a couple of things that depends on the fee that we are asking for. However, we are one of the most affordable services you can find in Oakville, so you don’t have to worry about overpricing.
What should I do when I have a flat tire while driving?
You should stop immediately. Don’t get out of your car, call us immediately. The sooner you call, the sooner we are at your side. Don’t get out of your car and don’t accept help from anyone else. It is dangerous to get assistance from a stranger. And, don’t try to drive on, with a flat tire.
We Make Changing Flat Tires As Easy As A Phone…
We make tire changes look effortless while you watch from the rear view mirror! Call to reserve your roadside tire change service in Oakville today!