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Car Accident Recovery Towing

Get Prioritized Service Collision Towing In Oakville

Involved in a car accident in Oakville?  Our tow truck drivers provide complete service including vehicle recovery, storage & site clean-up. We work directly with insurance companies on providing professional service and standard rates. Tow trucks are standing by and can move your vehicle fast. Call and request priority service if requested by police.

Car Accident Recovery Towing

Our accident towing service provides complete crash recovery service, clean-up and storage fees. We work directly with car insurance companies to provide seamless service at negotiated rates. When it comes to car accidents let our experienced tow truck drivers help you out.
Car Accident Recovery Services:
  • Conveyance of the motorist involved in the collision
  • Hook up and drop off of the vehicle
  • Battery disconnect
  • Fuel and mileage up to 20km
  • Dispatch & administrative fees
  • Straps & chains as required in Ontario
  • Standing time at scene during an investigation
  • Accident scene clean up
  • Damaged vehicle storage
  • Lot pull out
Call Oakville Police to report the accident. When To Report A Car Accident To Police In Oakville? You should report a collision any it involves; an injury, impaired driver, unlicensed or uninsured drivers, damage to property.
Oakville Accident Towing

Let our team of tow truck drivers recover your vehicle after an accident. On the 403 or in town we provide conveyance, storage, and will safely recover your car. Our rates are approved by insurance companies in Ontario and prescribe to standard industry rates and fees for accident recovery in Oakville.  Get reliable experienced towing services by calling for immediate response time.