Flatbed Towing Service In Oakville

Flatbed towing services are provided 24 hours a day in Oakville. Flatbed tow trucks are ideal for accident recovery, transporting cars off the ground and towing all-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive transmissions.

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Professional Flatbed Towng Service

For fast flatbed towing service in Oakville, look no further than Towing Oakville! When it comes to towing cars your car, safety is our priority. That’s why we use only high-quality equipment at Towing Oakville. Our flatbed tow trucks can easily haul all types of vehicles including rear-wheel drive transmissions and four-wheel drive transmissions. We also have an excellent track record with customers who need their vehicle towed after an accident or breakdown on the side of the road.

Rapid Response Towing

There’s nothing worse than being stranded on the side of the road with a broken down vehicle but luckily there’s help out there when you need it most. Whether your car has broken down due to mechanical failure or been involved in an accident, we will be able to provide fast and reliable roadside assistance and flatbed towing even during holidays like Christmas Day or Boxing Day when many other companies aren’t open for business.
Oakville Flatbed Towing Services are provided 24-hour service for any size task – whether it’s getting the car off the road, towing it back to your home garage, or assisting with an impound lot pickup after an accident. With experienced tow truck drivers customer satisfaction as our number one priority.

Affordbale Flatbed Towing

We provide flatbed towing service at competitive prices and with the same level of customer satisfaction that we have always provided. You can get your vehicle towed within an hour in most cases, but if you would like us to pick up your car when it’s ready, just give us a call before dropping off your vehicle.

How is a flatbed tow truck different than a regular tow truck?

Flatbed tow trucks are used extensively by larger trucking companies to haul oversized, heavy loads that may exceed the capacity of a regular tow truck. Flatbed tow truck configuration provides a stable platform for large loads and is often used when cleaning up after an accident or removing large equipment for deliveries.
A flat bed doesn’t have any ramps or hooks or wheel lifts. It is called a “flatbed” because it has no back wall, but rather just beams and cross members running down below cargo where you prefer them without having their bottoms pointed towards road traffic while driving on highways if possible. When you see a car being towed off the ground and on the back of a truck, that is a flat bed towing.

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