Insurance Towing

Choose The Towing Copany Insurance Companies Choose!

Toaking Oakville works with any car insurance company to provide accident recovery, vehicle storage and long distance towing for when the unexpected occurs. Our rates are never questioned and we prescribe to standard towing rates and procedures when it comes to accident recovery and offerrring direct insurance billing.

Why we work with insurance companies and provide priority towing services for insurance professionals?

Becoming a preferred contractor and working with insurance companies is a privelege. Providing insurance towing requires operators have the correct licenses, insurance and adhere to a strict set of by laws set by the city of Oakville and province of Ontario. Towing Oakville provides direct to insurance car towing services, roadside assistnace and more.

Car Insurance Friendly Towing Service

Need Your Car Towed? Send The Invoice Directly To You Insurance Company With Insrance Approved Towing Companies Insurance companies love working with us and we make invoicing and collecting your property easy.